About Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij

About Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij

Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij stands for customer service, reliability and expertise. Whatever is going on with your house or your financing, it’s all exciting. You want to be heard, you expect good service and you want someone who knows what they are doing.


At Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij we make sure you don’t feel like one out of many. We take our time for you and stand by your side throughout the entire process for honest advice. Thanks to our personal approach, we work result-oriented and no question is too much for us. In other words, the customer is central to us.


You involve Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij in:

You can contact Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij for existing building valuations (apartments and houses) and new building valuations. Whether you need a valuation for refinancing your mortgage, lowering your risk premium or for a renovation, we can arrange it for you.


Our priority is to unburden you from start to finish during the entire sales process. Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij is the full-service NVM real estate agency in Almere.


Buying a house is a big purchase that many of us don’t make on a daily basis. To make an informed decision in this hectic market, Smink Taxatie en makelaardij is standing by your side during the search for your dream house.


Interested in one of our services? Get in contact with us.

Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij is located in Almere DUIN in Almere Poort. From there, we guide purchases and sales throughout Almere and Groot Amsterdam. Almere DUIN was chosen because Daniëlle Smink lives there herself and has seen the neighbourhood grow and flourish. It is also a great base for Groot Amsterdam and Almere Buiten.


Valuation is done within a radius of 20km from Almere DUIN.