Buying a house

Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij is your NVM real estate agent in Almere

In this hectic time it really is a challenge to find your dream house. It is difficult to step in during a viewing. If you manage to do so and you are interested in the house, you have to place a bid fairly quickly. We move on to the next question: “what are you going to bid?”. You don’t want to offer too little, because you really want this house, but on the other hand you don’t want to pay too much either.


Daniëlle from Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij in Almere is the right person to assist you during this exciting and emotional process. Daniëlle has the experience and expertise to help you find your dream house. She will give you peace in this hectic market and knows how to keep an overview.


At Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij we engage in the purchase, sale and valuation of houses in Almere on a daily basis. We know very well what to look out for. Use our expertise and let Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij assist you!


5 tips to start your search for a home:

Financial advice

The first step in the search for your dream house is to gain insight into your financial options. We advise all of our customers to first visit a mortgage advisor so that you know what the options are regarding the amount of your mortgage. Do you have a house with monetary value and do you want to use this monetary value to purchase your new house? That is possible, we are happy to visit you for a free valuation. In this way you gain more insight into the monetary value of your house. You have had a mortgage interview, you may have savings and, if applicable, you know the monetary value of your current house.


Your wishes

You now know the budget you can spend on your new house. Now it is important to map out your housing needs. Are you looking for a house or an apartment and how many rooms are you looking for? Also learn about the different neighborhoods where you would like to live. Are you willing to fix some things or do you want a ready-to-move-in house?


Searching for your house

You know your budget and you made a list of your wishes. It is now time to see which houses are for sale that meet your needs.



You have seen a house that meets your needs. Schedule a viewing to view the house and get a feel for it. Walking through a house is different from looking at the pictures behind a screen. Take a good look at the rooms, the location and the condition of the house. What do you like and dislike about the house? With some small adjustments you can often make the house completely your own.


NVM real estate agent

Have you ever thought about a NVM real estate agent? You are not obliged to hire an estate agent, but it does have several advantages. Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij knows the housing market. We value, sell and buy houses for our customers on a daily basis. In addition, as an NVM real estate agent, we are often one of the first to be aware of the latest offers. This is very handy in this hectic housing market.


Not only do we assist you during the negotiations, but we also look at the condition of the house and the legal aspects. At Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij, we guide you through the entire purchase process.


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