Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij is your NVM valuation specialist in Almere

Do you need a valuation in Almere? Choose expertise and involve us.

Are you buying a new house, having a new house built, do you want to transfer your mortgage or increase your mortgage because you want to renovate? Our valuations are accepted by all recognized financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies. In addition, we also provide valuation reports validated by the NWWI. Whatever the situation is, our appraiser Daniƫlle Smink is happy to help you!


What do we do during the appointment?

The appraiser will come to your house at the agreed time. During the home inspection, Daniƫlle Smink pays attention to various aspects of the house. In addition, she also maps out other circumstances that may influence the valuation, such as price developments in the market but also, for example, macroeconomic conditions.


Did you know that at Smink Taxatie and Makelaardij you will receive the valuation report in your mailbox within 48 hours after admission?*

In a valuation report, you will broadly find the following things:

  • The name of the client
  • The purpose of the valuation
  • Description of the appraised object
  • The cadastral data
  • The current owner
  • Pictures of the appraised object
  • A judgment on the value of the appraised object
  • The special circumstances, if applicable
  • The date on which the valuation was performed
  • The name and details of the appraiser


Which factors play a role in a valuation report?

  • Location
  • Size
  • Architectural state
  • Condition
  • Business rights, if applicable, for example easements
  • Possible contamination and the locally applicable zoning regulations
  • Presence of parking and accessibility by public transportation
  • Presence of facilities, such as schools, shops and recreational facilities


Our real estate agency is affiliated with the NVM, NWWI and NRVT.

* Receiving the valuation report within 48 hours is only possible if all requested documents have been received by us at the latest before the appointment.

Are you curious about what your home is worth and are you only interested in a valuation of your home? Schedule an informal appointment with us for a free valuation. Smink Taxatie en Makelaardij is happy to visit you.